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  • At Gain A Management, we also offer Real Estate Brokerage Services for sellers and purchasers of both investment and owner occupant property.

Some of the services we offer:


Selecting suitable properties for investors

  • Majority of our investments are single-family detached residential properties, small apartment complexes, and some carefully screened commercial and office projects

  • Properties are located in areas where the supply is fixed and demand is increasing. 


Analysis of properties for investment capabilities

  • Structured for economic feasibility, not tax shelter.

  • Based on four aspects of yield: cash flow, principal reduction, tax savings, and appreciation in value

  • Return is based on the after tax maximization of all aspects of yield


Structuring property ownership either as an individual or joint venture

  • Joint venture allows for the investor to diversify by investing in several properties with ownership positions of 10% to 45% and to take tax bites in smaller lumps on re-sale

  • Joint ownership also allows the smaller investor to get started with a lesser cash commitment

We are here to find you qualified tenants.

We can rent any property you have available, from a condo

to a house, offices or store fronts.

We can fill residential or commercial leases,

month to month or long term.  

Gain Realty does not recommend selling your property, but if you need to sell your property, we will do a comparison with recent sold properties in your neighborhood and provide you with the true value of your property

should you decide to sell.

If you wish to purchase a property, Gain Realty can assist with providing available properties for sale, value

by comparison, mortgage rates and mortgage cost information, title search and title insurance information. 

We recently filed for an Airbnb license for an owner who now has  4 apartments rented with Airbnb.   

Gain Realty is here to protect your interest, no matter

what the task at hand is.

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