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Hire Gain A Manager for easy, quick, & inexpensive way to handle your evictions.

Providing the most effective and efficient residential and commercial tenant eviction services.

Menu of Services:

 First required notice to tenant prior to court complaint filing - $75.00

 Court filings - $275.00

Court costs:

 Complaint for eviction -$180.00

 Summons for each tenant/defendant posted on first required notice - $10.00

 Court designated summons server for each tenant/defendant - $50.00

Our Happy Clients

Gain Realty filed and proceeded with 7 evictions for an owner whose property became a "drug house".

After the evictions, Gain Realty selected new tenants, and turned this property to a" productive cash flow investment".

Gain Realty manages this property until today.

Gain Realty cleared a newly purchased office building from troublesome tenants. Once again, Gain Realty was able to find new reliable tenants and still manages the property.

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